Tips for completing the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla application

Please keep in mind that the application is somewhat extensive in that it is the standard one required for non-Mexican nationals to study at the BUAP. As part of participation in PMCSP you will enjoy all the benefits accorded regular bone-fide students, but this also means having to complete this required form. Also, completion of the form is required in order to complete the steps necessary to secure the Mexican student visa.

When you have completed the application (and secured all necessary supporting materials), turn the materials in to your coordinator by the application deadline at your school. If you are a non-consortium student, send the materials to Bernadette Houldsworth, Executive Director PMCSP, Wheaton College, Norton MA 02766. You can also contact her at

If you have questions regarding any aspect of the application, try to get the application in as soon as possible so that you and your coordinator can address any concerns. PMCSP staff will be responsible for sending the material directly to the BUAP.

On the first page:

You will need to attach a photograph (a rather common requirement outside the US).

Numbered items:

Item #1:

Check “Licenciatura” (undergraduate degree); then after “indique” enter “B.A.” and
your major (or one of your majors: e.g., B.A. in Latin American Studies; B.A. in
Psychology, etc.).

Item #2:

Enter your name, age, birthdate, sex, passport number, etc.

Some notes:

  • “Estado Civil” would be “soltero/soltera” (single), “casado/a” (married), “divorciado/a” (divorced).
  • “Vigencia” means the date your passport expires.
  • Enter your permanent address for “dirección.”
  • You may well not have a “Teléfono trabajo,” therefore enter your college phone number and enter your permanent home phone for “Teléfono casa.”

Don’t worry if you do not have a “Teléfono cellular” (cell phone) or fax number.

Item #3:

  • For “Carrera/Posgrado” indicate, again, B.A. and add in parenthesis (“licenciatura”), followed, again, by your major.
  • For “Unidad académica” enter, again, “PMCSP” (you needn’t write it all out again)
  • For “Institución” enter your US College (e.g., Oberlin College, Smith College, Wellesley College, Wheaton College or whatever your non-consortium college name is)
  • For “Promedio de calificaciones” enter your current G.P.A. followed by (“de un máximo de 4.0”)

Item #4:

Include your high school or preparatory school(s) as well as the dates during which you have been at your current college.

Item #5:

List between four and five courses from the listings of the BUAP that you think you will be interested in taking. You need to list the title of the course, followed by its course number, and the “Facultad” (school) in which it is given: for example, “México Contemporáneo. HIS 233. Historia.” There will be no problem whatsoever if you change all these courses later!

Item #5.1: Check the semester and year you are going to attend.

Item #5.2: Rate your ability in the languages listed (as well as any others you may know under “otro”). The percentages would be out of a maximum of 100%. Clearly this is somewhat subjective but somewhere from 60% upwards would be normal..

Item #6:

You should indicate “Sí” if you receive financial aid (and it is being carried over to PMCSP) and indicate as the “Institución otorgante” your home college. If your answer is “yes,” you will need to approximate the monthly amount represented by the grant. You can calculate this by taking the amount of aid you receive per semester, and then dividing it by 3.5 (which is the approximate time of a semester back in the US). That amount should be noted in the space provided. You would double this figure if you are remaining for a year. Also, you should indicate “Otoño 2007” or “Otoño 2008” or “Año académico 2007-2008” as the “duración.”

If you do not receive financial aid, you should check “No” and leave the rest of the section blank. (N.B. in order to complete the information necessary for the Mexican student visa it will be necessary to supply proof of a bank account with funds sufficient to cover costs. This is a Mexican technicality, not one from PMCSP.)

Item #7:

Fill in the name and relationship of a person the BUAP could contact in the case of an emergency.

Final portion on page 3:

For “Lugar y fecha”

The first blank is for the city in which you complete the form (best to fill in the city of your permanent address. The second blank is for the date, the third for the month, and the last for the year. For example, someone completing the form in Phoenix on 27 February 2007, would fill in “Lugar y fecha: Phoenix, Arizona, a 27 de febrero de 2007.

You will then need to print out your name “Nombre” and then sign with your signature “Firma” on the line provided.

Note there is a page four that lists documents and others materials that are required as part of the application:

  1. “Solicitud completa.”
    This is the form itself that you have just finished filling out.
  2. “Curriculum Vitae.”
    This is a CV or resumé. It should include your educational history. (We realize this may be a partial duplication of what has been asked for before,)
  3. “Transcript/kardex oficial.”
    An official transcript of your home college (bearing the official seal of the Registrar).
  4. “Evidencia del dominio del idioma español.”
    This “evidencia” can take the form of a Spanish teacher who attests to your ability to carry out a program of study in Mexico. It can also take the form of a letter written by yourself in Spanish, with reference made to your grades in Spanish courses as found in your official transcript.
  5. “Una carta dirigida al Director por BUAP… (escrita en español).”
    This letter should be directed to Dr. Carlos Contreras Cruz, and should explain in Spanish your reasons for wanting to study at the BUAP. The length should be of approximately 250 words.
  6. “Dos cartas de recomendación académica.”
    These are you standard letters of recommendation. If your recommender writes the letter in English, your coordinator can assist you in providing a Spanish translation of the letter, which should be attached to the English original.
  7. “Copia del pasaporte vigente.”
    A photocopy of the page of your passport that has your picture and signature.
    This is one of the most important documents required as without it we cannot request an official acceptance letter from the BUAP that will be needed for your visa application. If you do not have a passport, please apply for one as soon as you consider applying to the program.