Housing, Visas and Finances



Students will normally reside with Mexican families who will provide all meals, linens, and laundry facilities in a comfortable home environment. Spending several months with a family offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in Mexican life and to practice Spanish language skills.

As is typical in larger Latin American cities, many families do not live in the historic urban centers, but in communities either adjacent to the historic core or in suburbs. This urban reality means that students may have to take public transportation to classes and other events. Puebla has an extensive bus system that makes transportation during the daylight hours relatively simple. PMCSP students are also furnished with a generous transportation allowance for bus and taxi use within the Puebla area.

Mexican Student Visas

Mexican student visas, normally from the Mexican consulate with jurisdiction over the state in which they permanently reside. Links to individual consular web pages can be found at . (This page tends to be a little slow, please be patient!) Individual consular Web pages list required materials. Normally, an official letter of acceptance is required from a recognized Mexican institution. This letter is provided for students by the BUAP upon acceptance to the program. Individual school coordinators will assist students with securing the required visa.

Payment and Fees

Consortium institution students will pay their regular comprehensive fee to their home college. Normally, financial aid can be carried over for consortium students. Students from nonconsortium institutions must consult with their study-abroad adviser to inquire as to individual school payment policies. Some institutions require that the student pay his or her regular tuition to the home institution, which, in turn, pays the study-abroad program. Other institutions permit the student to pay the program directly. In the event of direct payment, the fee for the program will equal the average of the comprehensive tuition and fees charged by consortium institutions.

Travel to and from Mexico

Students are reimbursed for the actual cost of a round-trip ticket to and from Mexico up to $600.

A past student with her host parents on her birthday

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