Sarah B., Wheaton College:

My experience in Puebla will stay with me forever [...] My host family, and the program itself, represented a kind of intermediary between staying within and stepping outside of my comfort level, and provided the support necessary to go beyond my personal limits …  more

Stephanie N., Wellesley College:

Without a doubt, the people I met in Puebla, who nudged me out of my comfort zone while simultaneously welcoming me into their lives, made this the amazing year that it was … more

Joelle L., Smith College:

The experience of studying abroad with PMCSP is one, I maintain, far superior to most study abroad programs [...] Many students think going abroad to Europe is the way to see the world, but studying in Puebla takes you into another world—one from which you emerge with a entirely different consciousness … more


As a political science and Latin American Studies double major, I cherished the opportunity to study politics and a bureaucracy that “if you can understand, you can understand any in the world,” or so I was told. I was intrigued by the country’s power dynamics, which were produced by the police presence, as well as the government, the history of conquest and defeat, the Catholic religion and the infiltration of U.S. culture …

Parent Testimonies:

I admit I had my fears, but after spending a week in Puebla, visiting our daughter, I can attest to the fact that Puebla is a great place to “study abroad” … more